Problems Only Girls Who Lift Will Understand

I recently came across this video on Buzzfeed and it made me laugh. It rang true for me on so many levels, but most of all it's the message it sends at the end. There are SO many reasons why one would want to work out, get healthy and stay in shape. For whatever the reason, for whatever it gives you back, it's reason enough. I love that approaching 40 years old in a little over 6 months, I am healthier and in better shape now than I ever was. The way I work out has completely changed from when I began. I know more know than I did in my 20s, and my body has grown stronger and more fit than I was before having my 3 kids. Whatever fuels your fire to accomplish things in life, embrace it and gain strength from it. From strength we develop confidence, but from our confidence we also build strength. Realize that the time you cut out for yourself during your day not only helps you physically, but mentally as well. With 3 kids 5 years old and under, I for one can understand and appreciate that. My children see my strength and want to learn from me. They love living a healthy lifestyle and love even more, working out with their mama! They are my reason for staying healthy and confident, not my excuse. working out with kiddos The community is amazing. Just like the women at the end of the video cheering and encouraging the lifter, that's the positivity we should all bring to one another. We are all at different places in our fitness journey. Encourage one another and build each others confidence. You never know when you're going to need it in return, and you never know WHO you're inspiring along the way! Ok, now enjoy the video and have a laugh!  
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