Proper Dieting Proven To Be More Effective for Weight Loss Than Exercise Alone

Exercise boasts some pretty insane health benefits, and also helps you sculpt and tone your figure. But the real secret to actually shedding pounds, is what you put in your diet. For example, the amount of exercise you put into your day could all be in vain if you're going home and drinking pop and eating bad-for-you fats. Especially, considering exercise increases your appetite, which can tempt you to want to fill up on bad things. While working out regularly provides relief from symptoms of depression and reduces your risk factors for heart disease and certain neurological diseases, there has been no significant link to it providing sufficient weight loss benefits alone. It must be coupled with the proper food choices to really have an impact. Actual pound-loss can come from the elimination of processed foods, fast food and added sugars. Eating plenty of dark leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, seeds and getting enough water to stay hydrated can help your body flush fat while improving your health. This diet makeover, when added to a regular exercise routine, will always be the most effective method for weight loss. What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you agree that what you eat plays a huge role in weight management?    

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