A Proven Strategy for Weight Loss

1) Make Wellness Vision and Review Your Commitment to Yourself Regularly This means writing out how you feel presently in your body and how you want to feel in your body when it’s at your ideal weight, shape or size. Create contrast between the two states. This will act as jet fuel to sling shot you ahead to reaching your goals and feeling your very best.   2) Gather Support Social support means a lot. There are many health programs out there that use support to impact weight loss and lifelong healthy eating. Find your support circle whether its friends, coworkers or family members. Recruit others to challenge themselves alongside you, share your struggles and encourage each other! 3) Take Baby Steps Don’t try and change too much too soon, you will overwhelm yourself and this will cause you to fall back on old habits and get discouraged. It’s all about baby steps. Even if you just do one thing that good for you a day, that’s good progress! Slowly but surely you will reach your goal and if this transformation is done incrementally, it will stand a much better chance at sticking long term. 4) Reflect Keep a journal of your progress and include how certain foods or activities make you feel. Emotional issues are often at the core of bad habits that got us unhealthy to begin with. 5) Treat Yourself Give yourself a pat on the back for all the little achievements! If you reached your goal of packing a lunch everyday this week, then congratulate yourself with a little treat! Your deserve it! A new book, pedicure or a yoga workshop are all ways I like to spoil myself!  

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