Psychologists Determine The 4 Signs That Your Partner is Cheating!

You may have noticed that something's up, but you're not sure what to make of your partner's behaviour. How are you to know for sure that what you suspect is true, without tying them to a lie detector or catching them in the act? Top psychologist Dr Annie Kaszina PhD, divorce lawyer Ayesha Vardags and relationship expert TJ Gibbs, have done extensive research to determine the signs you should look for in cheating partners: 1) He's not present.  He may be physically there with you, but he's operating in his own world. He's emotionally distant and going through the motions. 2) He's overly enthused by someone new.  Perhaps it's a new co-worker he seems very impressed by, or has a new female friend he's overly talkative about. If he's acting as though he's got a crush on someone, even if he plays it off as nothing, it can be a red flag. 3) He accuses you of being jealous.  You confront him about that new person he's been talking about, or ask him who he's texting. His immediate reaction is that you're too jealous, or even acting crazy, to make you feel bad and throw you off your investigation. An attack is a cheater's defence. 4) He's overly open with his texts and emails.  This may be one you wouldn't think to encounter, but a cheater who has thought the process through will have taken advanced steps to covering his tracks. He'll have a secret phone, secret email and won't use the same social media profiles that you know about. That way, when you ask to see his phone, he'll have seemingly nothing to hide. Do you agree with these experts opinions? Share your relationship experiences with us!  

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