"Pube Oil" Is The New Secret To Stylizing Your Lady Parts

Have you heard the news? Pubic hair is coming back, and in a big way. While the top choice among women is still to rid their lady parts of excess hair, some women are opting to grow out their down there dos! And with this trend becoming more and more popular, companies are releasing products to improve the look and feel of your bushy business. fur pubic hair oil Fur is a new line of oils that promotes healthy, lustrous and soft pubes and skin. “Fur is the first line of products that cares for pubic hair and skin.” the company explains. “Our products give your pubes a chance.” pube ingrown hairs bikini line You can pamper your pubes with oil and stubble cream to keep everything smooth and sleek. Its formula may prevent ingrown hairs and soothe irritation as well. The oil contains natural extracts of grape seed, jojoba and tea tree. "I started thinking about how women are treating their pubic area and how it's not really in line with what's going on right now." says Emily Schubert, co-founder of Fur. "Fur is [what's on the] spectrum between having no hair and being unruly and unkempt. I feel like it's that new wave of feminism. You care about yourself, but it's more about you as a woman, not about men. I realized it really wasn't that crazy." At $55 a bottle, it does have me wondering why the same shampoo and conditioning routine I use on my head wouldn't simply suffice. But the brand has a certain appeal, a very upscale look and feel. Women who have tried it are also raving about the results, so perhaps it's worth shelling out the big bucks after all. What are your thoughts on this new product line? Are you pro-pubes or prefer a clean shave? Source: Women's Health   

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