No Pube Pics Please Petra Collins

Instagram says "No Pube Pics Please" to Petra Collins Last week, photographer and artist Petra Collins posted this photograph on Instagram of herself from the waist down in a bikini.   Petra Collins Almost immediately, her account was deleted by the social media company. Why?

Her pubic hair was visible, an infraction that Instagram decided violated its Terms of Use policy.

That same day, over 5 million other photographs were tagged #bikini - most  showed more skin. None were flagged. Collins responded:
“To those who reported me, to those who are disgusted by my body, to those who commented ‘horrible’ or ‘disgusting’ on an image of ME, I want you to thoughtfully dissect your own reaction to these things, please think about WHY you felt this way, WHY this image was so shocking, WHY you have no tolerance for it.”
Petra's image gets flagged, removed and the poster severely reprimanded - yet this is okay: img-platformembed_153710820760.jpg_guides_heroIs pubic hair that offensive? I understand it may not be considered aesthetically pleasing by some, but is it more pornographic or offensive than Kim's butt?

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