Push-ups are the best bodyweight exercise to do for your chest muscles, but after a few weeks of doing regular push-ups they become too easy. Thankfully, there are lots of great variations on the standard push-up: The Dive Bomber, the Star, and, my personal favorite, The Punch-Up.mostFistPushupsWith100LbPackIn1Min_lg16x9 This is actually an exercise I learned in my martial arts class - one that the Sensei uses to punish us if we do something wrong or mouth off in class (unfortunately, that means I've done my fair share). It has turned out to be one of the best forms of push-ups, as it strengthens my knuckles and makes them more resistant for the many punches I throw. Added bonus: it's a great workout as well! The traditional push-up is almost all shoulders and triceps, but the punch-up focuses a lot on the forearms. You have to balance on your fists, so it's much harder to keep your body stable without your fingers splayed out wide. It is significantly harder than regular push-ups, so it's a good way to add variety to chest day.

Bringing the Pain

Step 1: Assume the push-up position, on your hands and feet with your back as straight as possible. Step 2: Instead of splaying your fingers out wide, curl them up into a fist. Place your fists on the floor, immediately beneath your shoulders - or slightly back in the military push-up position. Step 3: Perform a push-up, using just your chest and arms. Keep your back nice and flat, and use your core to tighten all the muscles that would allow you to dip as you do the push-ups. punch-push-up1 Your knuckles are going to hurt a whole darn lot initially, but they'll get used to the pain within a few workouts. The more you can do on your fists, the stronger and more resistant your knuckles will be when you box or spar. Punch-ups are great for anyone that uses their fists a lot, and they're a wonderful new form of push-ups!  

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