A Push Up Bra for Men

It isn’t just women that face the oppressive pressure to achieve some crazy standard of body perfection with these ubiquitous images of perfect and unrealistic bodies splashed over tv screens and magazine covers.  But for men, being self conscious about their bodies isn’t a socially accepted norm. Women are expected to wear push up bras and spanx to cover panty lines or to make sure that dress lies smooth.  For men, although they face terrible criticism about the dreaded man-boob (moob) it’s never been ok for men to augment or tone their own bodies with help from a shirt. Here enters the company, Funkbod and their muscle enhancing top that at first glance looks like a regular shirt but is in fact the world’s first bra and spanx for men.  From a section on their website about how to hide the man boob one learns that, “Initially, it was designed to enhance the upper body muscle groups of skinny to medium build men. After initial trials we found that some of the smaller men had manboob issues which were covered well with the Funkybod muscle top. This led us to experiment with larger men and look into the manboob issue further.” Although the shirt was meant to accentuate the pecs, biceps, shoulders, and triceps it has become the poster child for the first bra for men.  The change in the perception about the shirt sheds light on just how uncomfortable we are with our bodies and the standards that we place on others.  During the video one of the interviewees states that the shirt is deceiving women and that he doesn’t wish to do that.  So if this shirt is deceiving women, why is it that women are allowed to “deceive” men with push up bras and spanx and yet men are not?  What is the reasoning for this disconnect?  And why are we so image driven that we need a shirt to make us feel better about ourselves?

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