Push up your butt during daily walk with your dog

Do you have a dog?  This is a daily workout, which not only pushes up your butt. It also will enhance the relationship between your dog and yourself. Don´t try that in the forest first, like me. Best you start in a room. You´ll need: a dog delicious treats or an exciting dog toy Keep calm! All beginning isn´t easy. First step: Your dog should know how to jump. Take one treat or toy. Sit on the floor. Build a barrier with one arm at a wall, call your dog. If it is near of you, throw treat or toy over your arm-barrier. Don´t forget to praise your dog after jump.  Make a deep squat for reward your dog. Repeat it until the dog jumps always over your arm. Second step: You sit down & build arm-barrier.  Call your dog and make a bow with the other arm over your arm barrier while you give the command. Call it like you love… jump, hopp, …. . Praise your dog if it jumps.  Squat deep for reward. Repeat second step until the dog knows the command. Third step: Enjoy success and let the dog jump over all objects which can be found, like legs, chairs, … . Praise for every jump on command and don´t forget to squat ;-) . NOW it is time to try outside…. Make a deep lunge forward and hold your head high (I´ve forgotten in the video).  Call your dog and let it jump. Praise your dog and yourself Do you get 10 repeats  on every side? The side lunge is easier. Take a treat or toy and lead it slowly like an eight between your legs. Shift your body-weight on the leg where the dog walks. Praise and squat. If you have a good routine in jumping try push ups with dog on your back. Be kindly with me, this is my first video and I was terrible upset. Let us see you and your dog in action!

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