Push It Up! Amazing Abs & Core Sculpt

Hi BodyRockers, First we have an awesome Sculpt for you guys today. It's all core & abs and blasting that whole zone. Check out the video - I was pushing Lisa by the end because her core was lit up and burning - I think you can hear it sizzling at one point ;) What do you think of real-time honesty? It's the concept that if a problem arrises we share our honest, straight forward feelings and thoughts in a respectful and thoughtful way. It essentially guarantees the end to misunderstandings, pent up frustrations and things blowing up over time. I think being straight and letting people know where you stand is a powerful stance to take and marks a level of respect and maturity. I think we have all be in situations where if we had just spoke up about our legitimate concerns many a messy exchange could have been avoided. What do you guys think about real-time honesty? Get on these abs moves - they are fresh and will have you sweating fast. Best, Freddy BodyRock Sculpt:
BodyRock Sculpt Workout Video:
Workout Breakdown: Set your interval timer 50 seconds work with a 10 second rest. Complete the workout below - Twice if you have it in you ;) 1) All your ab crunch 2) Oblique ab crunch alternating - Elbow to Knee 3) Around the world abs 4) Knee Tuck & V Abs 5) Cross Under Abs - Alternate Between Left & Right Friend us on Facebook - weird pictures of us will probably not show up in your news feed.... the fun begins here: https://www.facebook.com/BodyRock.Tv

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