Put Down That Cup and Eat Your Coffee Fix!

That smell. First thing in the morning, it can lure you from bed like nothing else. And coffee really does have a place in a healthy lifestyle. It can help increase productivity and concentration in moderate consumption. It's a comfort to start the day. But do you have to be sipping that java to get the benefits? Why not try a few of these alternative ways to get your daily jolt? 1. Salted Coffee-Crusted Wings. Don't throw out those espresso grinds! According to Food Well, chicken wings soaked in cold brew coffee and rolled in espresso grinds before grilling are an excellent and delicious way to wake up your taste buds. 2. Hazelnut Espresso Granola. Here's a way to get your morning joe without pouring it in a cup. A mix of oats, nuts and espresso make this recipe from The Big Man's World, just about the perfect vegetarian breakfast. 3. Maple Coffee Glazed Bacon. This might be the perfect breakfast for you meat lovers. Really, do you even need a recipe now that you've seen the name? Aren't you thinking, "yeah, why didn't I think of that?" Well, Tina at The Worktop does not want you to miss out any longer, so here is the recipe. 4. Quinoa and Coffee Chili. If you've never cooked with coffee, you'll be surprised how complex and deep the flavours of your dish will get with the addition. Try this vegan specialty for a chili you can proudly serve to any omnivore. 5. Tiramisu Rice Pudding. Nothing to see here, folks, just keep moving along. This bowl is full of goodness! It's The Big Man's World again and this dessert is made with protein powder as well as coffee and cocoa. And best of all, they call it breakfast! 6. Cherry Chocolate Chip Popsicles. Made from coconut milk (hey all your groks, it's paleo!), this delicious dessert combines the sweetness of the milk and the chips with the tart cherries and the deep flavour of coffee. Quick, it's not Fall yet! Make this your last summer freezer thrill. 7. Chocolate Coffee Overnight Oats. These oats make themselves! No, they really do. You just load up your ingredients in a jar and leave them in the fridge to magically change into a perfect little taste of chocolate and coffee next day.   Any coffee recipes we've missed that you love? Let us know! Source: Prevention    

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