Would You Put Pictures of Your Rolls on FB to Lose Weight?

Its a new diet program...you join a certain Facebook group you are required to post a pictures in just your underwear from the front, back, and side.  Its a 12 week plan called "Frank Personal Training."  Given the reputation of the internet as a place of cruel posts and bullying it is incredibly surprising that women are willingly exposing themselves in such a public manner. Frank Gorman is the personal trainer behind the program.  While he agrees that the posting of pictures might sound humiliating, it is at the heart of his success.  Since the site was launched in April nearly 2,000 people have signed up.  The idea behind the photos is that they are done regularly so he could monitor effectively the effects of the program remotely.  The Facebook group is private which does help to minimize the bullying effects.  Many of the users of the site have stated that they only receive positive and supportive comments from their fellow members.  The groups are also split between men and women which compose the vast majority of the members. For the $80 fee you are entitled to 12 weeks of diet and exercise advice and access to the Facebook group.  While Frank Gorman's proposed diet encourages cutting out carbs (not beneficial) and eating three large meat or fish based meals everyday the success of the training program seems to be centered around the pictures.  Instead of trying to hide the bad choices you might have made during the week, members are constantly thinking about their next week's photo and the encouragement from fellow members. While the diet is not necessarily on par with a healthy balanced diet the idea of community support during weight loss program is perfect.  Without support and constant encouragement most diets and excercise regimens are destined to fail. Check out the results: Pippa who lost a total of 38lbs article-2514630-197BAFD000000578-891_306x593 article-2514630-199501A500000578-825_306x593article-2514630-19950BED00000578-817_306x731   Wendy who dropped four dress sizes. article-2514630-197BDD1500000578-954_306x608 article-2514630-1994FB0700000578-7_306x608article-2514630-19950D1C00000578-45_306x731   Sarah who went from 152 lbs down to 128. article-2514630-197BF1A500000578-222_306x554 article-2514630-1994FE0D00000578-361_306x554 article-2514630-1995088800000578-765_306x564    

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