Pyramid Workout

This is one of the first workouts that I ever wrote - trust me when I say that it is tougher than it looks.  I would suggest that beginners start at 10 reps and work their way down from there.  Go as fast as you can with good form - like it, share it, and post your scores! Pyramid_1   HOW IT WORKS : Begin by performing 20 reps of each of the four exercises listed below. For the next set, you will perform 19 reps of each exercise. Continue repeating this pattern by reducing one rep each round, until you work your way down to 1 rep of each exercise in the final round.  Challenge yourself by going as fast as you can with proper form -set a timer and record your score. **BONUS CHALLENGE : Upon completion of the pyramid, perform 8 rounds of (50/10) skipping, sprints, or your choice of cardio. 1. High Knees 2. Weighted Squats 3. Pushups 4. Sandbag Swings   For more workouts like this click here  

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