Queen Victoria's 45-Inch Waist Underwear Auctioned For $16,300

Queen Victoria has a proud history of being Britain's longest reigning monarch. She leaves behind quite a legend, and an excessively large pair of bloomers. The Queen's underpants went up for auction and caused a stir among bidders. Though, the garment is made of plain white cotton, it's design was a unique selling factor for collectors as it could be dated specifically to the Queen's last remaining years. Queen Victoria famously gained an extreme amount of weight after tragically losing her husband, Prince Albert. She had nine children with him which she raised alone and was utterly inconsolable for many years. The Queen's weight at that time would be considered an XXXL by today's measurements. It has been said that she would be appalled if she knew her dirty linens (especially her underwear) were being publicly displayed and sold. queen royal family style The eager bidder who claimed the infamous pantaloons is an English collector of the Queen's items. With added fees tacked on, she paid close to $20,000 for the single pair. "As far as we can tell, it's the highest price ever paid for Victoria's knickers, and we are delighted." says Richard Emmons who auctioneered the bidding. Have you ever collected a vintage item? Share your stories with us!  

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