Quick Guide to 10 Yoga Styles

Don't know what style of yoga to check out? Here's a quick guide to some of the major yoga styles available. 1. Hatha 
  • Good for all levels.
  • Gentle stretching and basic arm balances.
  • Classical approach to yoga poses and breathing exercises.
  • Won't necessarily leave you sweating, but it will have you feeling more relaxed and supple.
   2. Ashtanga
  • Rigorous, hot, sweaty.
  • Physically demanding.
  • Great for athletes or seasoned yogis.
  • Follows specific sequence every time and links every movement to a breath.Bikram-Yoga-Silverlake
3. Bikram
  • Follows the same sequence of 26 poses (repeated twice) in a 105 degree room.
  • Highly popular; classes can be found in most places.
4. Hot Yoga
  • Comprised of many different poses that vary per class.
  • Room is heated to 80-100 degrees.
yogis_doing_warrior_pose_in_yoga_class 5. Iyengar
  • Focus is on proper alignment.
  • Expect a lot of props.
  • Best for those who have injuries as the teachers undergo comprehensive training and are very knowledgable about what kind of instruction you may need.
6. Anusara
  • Seeks to use yoga to help students open their hearts.
  • Classes are lighthearted and fun.
  • Vinyasa-flow and alignment work.
  • Rigorous for body and mind.
yogaretreat 7. Restorative
  • Use props for passive poses for that one may experience the benefits of pose without the effort.
  • Has been said to be more restorative and relaxing than a nap.
  • Classes are usually found on the weekends.
8. Vinyasa/Power
  • Fluid-like movements and links every movement to a breath.
  • Intensive.
  • Expect some kind of lively music.
  • No two vinyasa classes are the same.
yoga_03 9. Kundalini
  • Good for those looking for a heavier emphasis on spirituality.
  • Focus is more on breathing and chanting.
  • Poses are constantly moving and invigorating.
10. Yin
  • Focus is on lengthening tissues.
  • Complements other forms of yoga.
  • Passive poses you relax into.
  • Classes tend to be long.

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