Quick Guide to Dining out the Healthy Way: Hack #1 Sushi

Eating clean does not mean that you can never go out to eat.  One of my favorite places to go eat when we are eating out is at a Japanese restaurant.  However, if you don’t know what to order you can find yourself racking up calories and eating foods that are overloaded with Sodium.  Sushi is one of the best foods you can eat when eating at a Japanese restaurant, if you know how to order it.
  • Sashimi is the best choice you can make when eating sushi. Sashimi is only the fish, with no rice included.
  • Nigiri is the second best choice you can make. Nigiri usually comes over a ball of white rice.  The rice does have added sugar so that it will stick together so take that into consideration.
  • Sushi Rolls: if you really want to have sushi rolls stick to one that has avocado (healthy fats), lean protein, and minimal sauce. Avoid rolls that are fried, covered in heavy sauce, or coated in mayonnaise.  Some specialty rolls can pack as much as 1200 calories in one roll.
  • Avoid the use of soy sauce. Soy Sauce, even low sodium, has about 500mg of sodium per teaspoon.  If you are one to pour the soy sauce into one of those bowls and dip your sushi in the bowl you are consuming way over your allotted intake of sodium for the day
  • Order steamed instead of fried rice.
This list is not conclusive, but it will serve as a guide to choosing the best types of sushi when you are eating out and help you eliminate those unwanted calories.

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