Quick weight loss after the holidays

Ok so maybe you gained a little weight over the holidays. If your in the United States like me you just celebrated Thanksgiving, my favorite part besides seeing my family is the dinner rolls. When I was younger my Aunt used to buy 2 extra bags of rolls for my little cousin and I, that's 24 rolls between two little girls.. Whatever your obsession during the holiday season don't use it as excuse to be lazy every day after a day of eating. So lets go over some simple, easy ways to get back on track 1. Reduce your caloric intake the very next day. This will allow your body to balance out and feed off the extra food that you took in previously. 2. Drink water. The worst thing you can do is dehydrate yours 3. Increase your physical activity. The easiest way to work off that extra turkey leg is to work it out! Its amazing what an extra 20 minutes will do for you. I don't care if you don't have time, find it. You can choose to feel bad, bloated and overweight or you can do something about it. 4. Clean up the rest of your diet: If you weren't eating quite so healthy before the holiday season you should start now. Everyday you put it off will be the extra day it will take you to work it off. 5. Include Vegetables: You can never have to many of these. They are a low calorie, nutrient dense food that will fill you up and help you reach your goals 6. Don't skip your protein: Lean proteins are important for  weight loss. They also help support lean muscle and will aid in fat loss, especially when you have committed to working out. 7. Remember your goals: Write them down and look at them everyday. Plan small goals that will help you reach a large goal. As always you have to love what your doing and you have to know why you are doing it. Lets kick ass this week!  

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