Quit Riding the Fence

My husband keeps telling me that no one wants to hear what they can’t eat.  Believe me, I get it!  He’s one of the biggest ones.  He doesn’t want to be told what he can and can’t eat to be healthy and/or keep his girlish figure.  Haha! ;-)  We’ve gone round and round where he’ll ask me for help, then gets mad later on because he doesn’t want to follow that help.  After numerous times I have resigned myself to not help him, he is a big boy and has enough information that he has researched on his own.  He knows what to do, just needs to focus and make the decision to stick to it.

The funny thing is he has always eaten worse than me and has always suffered from various health issues.  No it’s not really funny and I definitely wouldn’t say that to him, but I just find it a little humorous that he has the issues, he’s always asking me for help, but then never wants to follow through.  Thus, although many of his issues have gotten better through fairly good eating, there are still quite a few that are plaguing him.  What I call it is ‘riding the fence.’  He’s right there on top of the fence, not all the way on one side or the other, just teeter tottering back and forth.  One day he’s got his foot more on one side, and the next he’s leaning to the other.  I think the longest he’s ever gone with sticking to a real food diet is one month.  And that’s just when you’re really starting to feel good.  You’ve gotten over the cravings and feeling bad because your body wants those certain foods and you’re a week or 2 into feeling the effects of clean eating….And then he stops cold turkey, back to his old ways of eating.  Not completely, but he’s got an extreme sweet tooth and loves cokes.  He’s cut back on both and eats fairly clean otherwise, but just can’t kick those last few things.

You could also explain it as dipping your foot in the pool but not taking a swim.  Maybe you’re halfway in, or you’re up to your shoulders, but that’s as far as you’ll go.  Well, you can definitely feel the cool water, you can feel the benefits of eating clean but you’ll never truly know what your body is capable of until you get your whole body in and go for a swim.  You know you want to!

And I guess that’s my point today is: like my husband, you’ll never know what your body is truly capable of until you go for it.  You’ve got to be all in.  So tell me, what’s keeping you from being all in?  I know what it is for my husband, but what about you?  What’s going to move you to take a swim, or to get off the fence and over to the other side?


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