Rachel Dolezal Is A "Master Artist" According To Her Mother

According to her mother, Rachel Dolezal is an accomplished artist. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Ruthanne Dolezal says the former NAACP leader, "was always winning prizes … she was always at the top of everything – top of her class, top of any kind of exhibits she put [her work] into … art shows." Rachel attended Howard University on a scholarship and took home several prizes. "They started to set her work aside – this is what she told us," Ruthanne explains. "So it wouldn't get judged because she was winning so many prizes from the jurors." If she managed to get a scholarship, I'm sure her work was pretty grand but I have serious doubts about the validity of some of her other claims. It is hard to trust someone who has been flat out lying for years. Ruthanne recalls that Rachel was always really good at doing her make up. "She could look like any ethnicity," Ruthanne says. "She has made herself look Asian before; it was a special event, a Chinese dinner. She always got attention." Wow. So she didn't just misappropriate one culture... I think Rachel Dolezal is a master artist. A master performance artist, perhaps. What do you think of this whole mess?

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