Rare Condition Leaves Woman With "Tree Trunk" Legs Despite 112 Pound Weight Loss

Claire Tickle weighed 392 pounds when she decided that enough was enough. After a year, she has managed to drop an impressive 112 pounds but a painful and debilitating condition has left her with what she describes as "tree trunk" legs. Her legs actually weigh 140 pounds! Tickle has lipoedema which is a condition that causes fat cells to expand in the legs, hips and butts causing them to grow to an abnormal size. legs2 This, as you would expect, has not been easy on Tickle. She said, "while I'm thrilled to be slimmer I still have the weight of an adult woman on my legs. It's bittersweet, as people still stare at my legs all the time. There is nothing I can do to stop my legs getting bigger - I'm scared I will be stuck with them forever." When she was 16, Tickle began to notice what looked like an elastic band around her ankles. "It looked like someone had tied elastic bands around my ankles, and my legs were puffy and swollen," she said. "When my legs continued to gather fat, the doctors kept saying that I was overweight and they gave me tablets for water retention. I didn't have the healthiest diet in the world, but it didn't explain why my legs were twice the size of my torso." legs It was while visiting a dermatologist for eczema on the back of her legs, that she was first diagnosed with lipoedema. Believed to affect only 11% of women, doctors do not really know what causes the condition. There is a possible genetic factor but another theory suggests it is brought on by hormonal triggers after puberty or pregnancy. Tickle joined Slimming World and over the course of the next 18 months, she managed to drop an average of 4 pounds a month but the fat on her legs just refused to budge. Medical professionals have warned that this incurable condition may eventually leave her wheelchair bound. Tickle has already developed osteoarthritis from years spent carrying so much weight. She says, "Even after losing weight I'm still in agony and spend every day in constant pain. I struggle climbing stairs and have lower back and hip pain all the time." alfie Although NHS liposuction for lipoedema sufferers is not yet available, Tickle has begun a crowdfunding campaign that she hopes will help her raise £13,000 for private treatments that cost £4,200 a session. Tickle explained, "I hope people will donate when they see that I'm not fat or lazy - I'm stuck this way through no fault of my own.... I’ve got a young boy. I haven’t been able to do things that mums do and get on the floor and play. I can’t run around in a park with him, I can’t get on a bike." Tickle has clearly worked hard and achieved amazing results. We hope she is able to get the help she needs not only for herself but for her son. They both deserve it. Are you suffering with a condition that prevents your weight loss? Share your story with us. Source: Daily Mail Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_114150" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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