Raw Juice of the Week

Are you looking to have a Nice Mood today? Lets call this juice: Anise Mood This raw juice will brighten up your day and your body. Its loaded with antioxidant, phyto-nutrients, minerals, vitamins and live enzymes. This raw Juice will give your body a boost of nutrition. The health benefits of fennel include relief from anemia, inflammation, indigestion, flatulence, constipation, colic, diarrhea, respiratory disorders, menstrual disorders, mouth freshener, heart disease, fights cancer, helps diabetes, great for blood pressure and eye care. It also helps strengthen hair, prevents hair loss, relaxes the body, brightens up your mood and sharpens your memory. The combination of this raw juice also makes it a great diuretic, which means that it increases the amount and frequency of urination, thereby helping the removal of toxic substances from the body and helping in rheumatism and swelling. Bring out that juicer and lets get this juice made ANISE MOOD What you Need: 1/2 bulb fennel 1/2 cucumber 1 to 2 apples 1/2 bunch on parsley handful of Fresh Mint 1/2 lemon Juice all ingredients in your juicer. Quantity will vary on the kind of juicer you use. If your juicer is a centrifugal, put the greens with the apples to ensure you get more juice, its a little trick. You can also add more apple if you wish if you find it too strong. Your breath will thank you after this raw juice. I know organic can get expensive, just remember that to make sure that you get the dirty dozen organic as much as you possibly can, especially apples, they are the most sprayed fruit and vegetable out there, its always number one of the list. Have a lovely day

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