Reaching new heights, changing our lives and fueling the Jet

Every day brings you one of two options; you can become better than yesterday or you can succumb to the beatings life can bring. You can use your failures to fuel your victories or allow them to keep you from moving forward.

I tend to reflect on my life ever year on my birthday, while most people feel the need to plan a celebration I have always spent the day in reflection of the things I have accomplished and what still needs to be done. A few days ago was my 26th birthday and although I am still young I have a burning desire for my future. I rang in my birthday with the car I have been working for, which was a great start. I was able to spend my afternoon with my son at the movies, ate, drank, visited a quaint dessert diner that I have been wanting to try and spent the day with close friends. 20130721_134553 The most important thing that happened was the decision I have made with my fitness goals; I am going all in and leaving everything else behind. I have trained hard, dieted well and have reached all the goals that I have planned for myself but there is one thing that I never do, I never go all in. I reach my goals while still keeping a large part of me out of it. This has lead me to wonder what would happen if I gave everything I have to all that I do. Lets reach new heights. This goes beyond my fitness and athletic capabilities, this is also for my life goals, my career, my clients and most importantly my son. What if I gave everything I have bottled up inside to everything I have ever wanted. What would happen? I think we fear what might happen if we become so great we inspire others to do the same but what is so wrong with that? I already inspire others within my immediate community,that is priceless but I know I have more in me. I know I have the ability to go further and get really really uncomfortable. The ability to dig deeper to place I have never been. At the end of the day its not about ME, I want to do this because there are so many people who want to be where I am now so I need to set the bar higher to inspire others to do the same for themselves in every area. Let's change our lives. I started Bodyrock 3 years ago, I was broken and didn't know who I was,being a new mom didn't make things any clearer. I remember not being able to start a Bodyrock workout. I was so intimidated by what I saw and when I did try I could not finish, 4 minutes was to much for me. WOW did I waste a lot of time trying to reach my goals and would quit out of simple frustration. The truth is I was focusing on the SCALE and when it would go up I would eat less and workout more. I was new to studying nutrition and I had not developed the understanding that in order to build muscle I needed to fuel my body not starve my body. This leads me to YOU, you may just be starting out or someone who wants to reach new fitness goals. Either way it starts in the kitchen, eating enough to fuel your training but not so much that it spills over. Its about finding balance for YOU as an individual. So over the next few months we are going to be digging really deep within us, we are going to find balance and set goals. I will be doing the same and will be sharing everything with you, even when it gets tough we will be each others motivation. I am EXCITED and I hope you are too. I am going to give you everything you need to be successful in your journey. So until next time keep rocking and ill be back with a killer recipe and step one to our new challenge; setting goals. We are going to fuel our Jet's, reach new heights and change our lives. Say it with me NOW: I'M READY! xoxox britney green         Ta ta for now, Britney (justcookfit) Green

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