How To React To "Engagement Season"

The above photo went viral after University of Tennessee co-ed Megan Jones and friends posted it on Reddit on Sunday December 8th.  Megan Jones is the girl in the bottom left corner in the red vest.  In an interview with Huffington Post Live, Megan said it was just a whim when she struck her own pose and said that her friends and herself had been taking so many "engagement photos" that it had become a little monotonous. The photo went viral almost overnight and led to an avalanche of tweets over the past few days.  Here are a couple:
It's engagement season, also known as "consume an entire bottle of wine before logging onto Facebook." season.
IT'S ALMOST HERE! - Engagement season. Better delete your Facebook accounts now if you want to survive the next 3 months without depression.
I'm convinced the holiday and engagement season is just making me depressed.
Many on twitter even wrote tweets like "we'd know which one we would marry."  When Megan was asked what advice she would give other single girls she stated to just enjoy the time of your life where you are at.  Megan said she was happily "not engaged" to her boyfriend.
Apparently the stretch from Thanksgiving to Valentine's has become known as "engagement season" and is even being touted as such in multiple women's magazines.  But this isn't driven merely by a desperate desire for something, anything to distract us from winter. In fact, it would probably be more appropriate to name this Ad-Driven-Jewelry-Buying Season. In fact lmost 40 percent of engagements occur during this particular stretch of the year—hence jewelers salivating over potential sales.So for several months, it's pretty much impossible to escape the endless subliminal hum of jewelry advertisements.  If you google "engagement season" you'll find press releases for, Jos A Banks, and Brides Magazine.
But we feel you Megan...sometimes the overwhelming amount of engagements gets incredibly old.

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