Read This When You Need To Make Sense Of Your Heartbreak

People think that there are things that can 'fix' heartbreak. That saying 'these things happen for a reason' or some other platitude meant to make you feel better is somehow enough. And this heartbreak likely makes no sense to you right now. The pain and darkness feels overwhelming and you see no way out. You can see no reason for it. But one day it will make sense to you. Everything will be okay again. This 'everything happens for a reason' concept is a hard one to grasp. This idea of a master plan. And people tell you, with best intentions, that all of this has happened so you can clear the way for the 'right' one. They tell you this because that idea is what got them through. They imagined that fate was pulling the strings in their existence. And isn't that what many of us do everyday? We work to convince ourselves that everything will come together in some sort of glorious union that will lead to happiness for all the rest of your days. We want to believe this. We feel suffocated and all we want to do is grab on to something that will give us a reason to breathe, to keep going. And the thing is, we aren't trying to be dramatic. We are just searching for a meaning in it all. We tell ourselves we have to suffer through all of this to get our reward. We confuse ourselves by holding on to a belief that every single tiny detail of our lives and our relationships are preordained and part of some wonderful story that will eventually save us from all suffering. We look for meaning in every single second. We do this without even considering that maybe somethings just happen for no reason at all. Maybe they happen because we are human and humans do random things. We are humans who are actually endowed with the gift of free will and make our own choices each and every day. Don't give up on hope, or the idea of finding the love that won't end in heartbreak. Remember that we are all basically doing the same thing. We are all walking the earth and breathing air and just living. And each and every one of us can make sense of our pain and our grief, not by laying it all on the doorstep of a higher power but by examining the changes this experience has caused in you. Don't treat your life like a story. Treat it like a life. Use your heartache to remind you that you are living, you are feeling, you are being, every single moment of every day. This experience has made you curious, and hungry for something better in your life. It has helped you move even closer to becoming truly aware of all that makes you you. That journey lasts far longer than your heartbreak will. Good things are almost certainly going to happen in your life. But they won't happen because fate decided to smile upon you that day. They will happen because you paid attention to the deep strength within you, that drive to live fully and happily and YOU made them happen. h/t: Thought Catalog

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