Are You Ready to Go Under the Knife?

Well… I did yesterday.. but this procedure didn’t necessarily require any stitching or opening of any wounds. Today, I did a transconjunctival blepharoplasty, which is a scar-less procedure to remove the fat deposits under your eye, known as “eye-bags”. Many of you who follow my personal blog know that I have no filter and have no shame in publicizing my private life (to a certain extent).  So I thought I would let everyone know of my decision to do this procedure after years of feeling extremely insecure of my tired appearance from my puffy eyes. carmen As you can see, it definitely put years to my face and now that I’m about to start a new chapter of my life, I thought, “Why not start it with a new fresh face?”  I want to track my progress so today, I’m showing you a photo of what I look like right from the operating table and see how things go in the next few weeks. 2013-12-27 22.18 The purpose of this post is to hopefully eliminate some of this stigma with cosmetic surgery as long as you believe it is for the right reasons.  Here are some questions you should ask yourself whether you are the right candidate for cosmetic surgery. 1)     What is the real truth as to why you want to do this procedure?
  • Are you trying to fix a deeper psychological issue – for instance, some self-esteem issues from constant bullying?
  • Is the perception of yourself warped and you have convinced yourself that you are “ugly” or “fat” and therefore, you must fix it with cosmetically altering your appearance?
    • If so, having something done may or may not be the cure to your problems and perhaps, you should consult a professional to address those deeper psychological needs
    • Are you doing this to truly satisfy yourself or other people’s expectations of you?
2)     Is your body healthy (both mentally and physically) enough to undergo this surgery?
  • Depending on the type of surgery, some could really be taxing to your body.  Make sure you are physically well enough that you can recover with the least amount of complications
  • So make sure your immune system is ready to go as this will help aid the healing process much better!
  • Mentally, you must be ready to endure any criticisms or judgments from others and you must also be ready to look in the mirror and visually see a different person.
3)     Are you financially stable?
  • Some procedures can cost up to 10s of thousands of dollars while some are not as detrimental to your wallet
  • If you need to delay your rent payments or have a week of McDonalds to get this procedure done, you may need to rethink whether this is the most appropriate time
4)     How do you expect you are going to feel about yourself post-op?
  • Be real with your expectations.  Many may believe they will come out of the table looking like Barbie – some may not want to appear this way.
  • Just be ready to look different than when you walked into the clinic and trust that you have made the right decision
All in all, remember that you are beautiful no matter what.  Yes, everyone has his or her reasons and if this is what will make you happy and you are ready for it, than go ahead.  For me,  I was never bullied but definitely had numerous comments about how tired I look.  I was and definitely ready for change and this was the rich time for me.  But remember, get real with yourself first and know what you truly want before blindly getting a procedure done.

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