Are We Ready to Rock the Workout Onsie?

Anyone who knows me knows I take new funky trends in stride. I like having fun with fashion, I like to stand out and express my individuality. I like being bold and I don't play safe -- though, often I go too far and end up looking like a color-blind, unsocialized nutter.

Workout clothes being what I wear 80% of the time I'm definitely not afraid to to spice it up. But there's one fitness wear trend that has fascinated me for the past year or so but I'm still so unsure if I should go there. On one hand I really want to do it but on the other I fear looking like an over-sexed superhero/ villain. It's the workout onsie.

Also referred to as a workout jumpsuit it's basically a one-piece Lycra number. Apparently it's all the rage and has been for sometime in Brazil. Of course. I've only ever seen one person in real life wearing one at the gym, and guess what, she was Brazilian. Everyone in the gym was staring at her wondering what in hell was going on. 

 This skin-tight ensemble seems very unforgiving and only the bold and confident should proceed. Also, having phat Brazilian booty seems to be required.

 I am a fan of jumpsuits, playsuits and rompers for casual dress wear having a number already. They look really cute but are the pain when you have to go to the bathroom. Imagine having to peel that thing off your sweaty body each time you had to pee. And it's not like you could leave the premises of the gym wearing it; no stopping by the supermarket to pick up eggs.

What do you think? Should I do it? Would you?

 (Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't be seen dead in many of these!)

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Now, this is one I would actually consider buying.... if it wasn't almost $USD500.
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