The Real Struggles Associated With Having A Great Ass

Over the years, having a great curvy backside has been considered an asset. It seems everyone is looking for a round, high, curvy butt. ass1 Women are being celebrated for their curves and any woman in possession of a great ass will tell you it is one of her finest external attributes. But it isn't all fun and game. With a great ass, can come great struggles. Those of you with ample backsides can relate, and the rest of you, remember, the grass is always greener....


1. "Size Up" Syndrome

No matter how hard you've worked to get that tiny little waist, you have to go a size up in your bottoms just to get them over your butt. If you do manage to attempt pants in your actual waist size, you will have one of those rolling on the floor cursing, swearing and breaking a sweat moments just to get them done up.


2. Even Professional Attire Can Look Risqué

Button down shirt and pencil skirt is a great daytime office look but on you, it can look like something else. You have an ass that just can't be ignored, no matter how much you cover up the rest of your body. But you shouldn't hide yourself away in clothes that are too big or behind a cardigan. Celebrate yourself. But it is definitely a pain and an unwanted attention getter when you are just trying to do your job and be taken seriously. ass4

3. You Have An Audience At The Gym

One moment, you're minding your own business, doing your squats and the next you're surrounded by a bevy of men who all started lifting at the same time and in very close proximity to you. Sometimes, they even stop their workout just to stare. ass7 Keep your head up. When you are done, walk away. Or, use one of your clever lines to let them know you caught them gawking. They aren't likely to do it again.


4. You Fall Prey To The Casual Grab

Again, you're minding your own business at the bar when you feel a hand on your back and then it slides down and becomes a full on ass grab. They usually follow that up with some attempt at a humorous cover up while they smirk like that cat that ate the canary. Guess what fellas, women know it was no accident. If you spot a woman and you think 'gee, that's a great ass,' maybe try talking to her first. It will up your odds. Only a jerk will saunter over, grope a stranger and then try to cover it up in a childish way. ass6 These are only a few troubles curvy women come across. But always remember, love yourself and every inch of you. Celebrate and own it. You are dignified and classy even if the people that stop and gawk are not. Never forget it! Source: Elite Daily

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