Real Women Reveal The Reality of Extreme Weight Loss: Excess Skin

Getting fit is a huge change in your lifestyle for the better! It takes hard work and dedication to get to where you want to be! But there is a hidden side to losing weight that not everyone openly talks about. Excess skin is the real, raw, non-airbrushed truth that comes along with your blood, sweat and tears. These 3 brave, hard-hitting, ass-kicking women show off their new bodies with confidence. Meghan: Meghan-used-unmotivated-now-she-few-months-away-from-being-certified-personal-trainer   Meghan went from an unmotivated lifestyle to becoming a personal trainer in a matter of months. "This is the reality of my situation, and the reality of life after #majorweightloss. My #excessskin and remaining #fat remind me of the eating disorder that left me #obese and the battle I've fought to lose 150 pounds. #Progress is what keeps me grounded when I see my body in this midst of #transformation - which is what keeps me #positive and pushing forward each day with #fitness and #cleaneating! Stay positive my loves. It takes hard work." Tamara: Tamara-afraid-wear-bathing-suit-shows-her-excess-skinTamara shows off her bare belly with pride at her 240 pound fat loss! She has a fan base of Instagram followers cheering her along on her journey of healthy eating and "positive vibes". "I'm proud of my progress so far and Im not ashamed of my skin at all. Sometimes I just look at it and wonder how did I mistreat my body so long . . . Embrace where you are right now and do the best you can. You deserve good things and you are truly worthy to live a healthy life." Irmani: Imani-says-important-love-yourself-worry-what-others-think   Irmani follows the philosophy that loving yourself is what life is truly about. She doesn't let others comments about her body make her feel any less beautiful, or proud of her weight loss success! "Yup i got a pudge, AND? THIS BODY has run a mile in 9 mins and 20 secs, the other body couldn't walk a mile in under 18 minutes. Don't worry, eat right, exercise, love yourself." What do you think of these strong, brave and hardworking women? Share your own story of fat loss success with us!  

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