Real Women Share Their Weight Loss Advice

Anyone who has ever tried to diet or lose weight knows that it isn't easy. Not by a long shot. But when you start to see results, it is hard not to get excited. If you are looking for encouragement to keep going, and let's face it -- we could all use a little encouragement, these four real life women have not only achieved their weight loss goals over the course of 12 weeks, they have decided to share the experience with all of us! Read on and prepare to be inspired: Kim (39) Kim-head "At the beginning of the 12 weeks, I felt fat and frumpy. Now I have loads more energy and feel like a new me," Kim says. "The high points were my clothes fitting better, and all the compliments I've been receiving." Kim began her journey with the goal of fitting back into her motorcycle riding leathers. Of that goal she says, "I've got them on and done up without having to roll around on the bed. They've even a bit baggy!" she laughs. "I feel so much better than I did 12 weeks ago – like a complete new me!" Kim's top tip: Plan ahead. If you're going out, decide in advance what you're going to eat so you can avoid temptation. Sue (49) Sue-head Embarrassed by her weight, Sue gave up dancing eight years ago. But she missed it and was determined to lose weight and get back to it! She found that if she concentrated on eating the foods she really liked, things were much easier. With a new confidence, came a new hair cut and a new attitude. On a recent trip to New York, she managed to avoid eating donuts and walked everywhere she possibly could. She even walked the last six floors of the Empire State Building! "I've loved the whole journey and have definitely changed my eating habits," she says, noting that it is more a lifestyle change than a diet. Sue's top tip: Combine exercise with family time. Go on long walks with your partner, kids and even your dogs if you have them! Gemma (40) Gemma-head Gemma's diet and fitness plans were unfortunately triggered by a breast cancer scare.  "I decided to lose weight because I was fat, miserable and lethargic. I wanted to feel good again and to find a diet that really worked." Gemma started taking a spin class and doing HIIT style workout videos at home. At the end of 12 weeks, the biggest change she saw was how her clothes fit. With a newly regained confidence, Gemma feels wonderful and admits that maintaining her healthy eating habits hasn't been too difficult. Gemma's top tip: If you're entertaining, experiment with some low-fat, low-sugar recipes. Your guests probably won't even spot the difference! Sarah (50) Sarah-head Sarah had trouble with her knees and was awaiting knee replacement. "My doctor told me it would make a big difference if I lost weight," she reveals. "Plus I was tired of seeing that "fat girl" in the mirror!" Before beginning the 12 week diet, Sarah didn't fit into her clothes and felt incredibly uncomfortable. Now, she's got her husband in on the action and the two go riding on a tandem bike. Sarah feels great and her family, especially her husband, think she looks great too. Sarah's top tip: Focus on creating 'rainbow' meals, where your food looks appealingly colourful and take photos of your favourite dishes. Those are inspiring stories and very useful pieces of advice. If you could share a piece of weight loss advice, what would it be? Source: Good To Know Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_113319" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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