REAL Women Try On Victoria's Secret Bathing Suits And The Results Are Epic! (Photos)

I'm giving the ladies at Buzzfeed a well deserved standing ovation! They hit the beach in Malibu for a photo shoot. But it wasn't just any photo shoot. Each woman chose a Victoria's Secret model and attempted to recreate her beach beauty pose. The results are spectacular. With honesty and humour, we are shown just how unrealistic it is to expect to look like those models, in those moments. The poses, the expressions, the whole nine yards. Natural poses that are anything but. Here's a peek at the results:







The best part of this shoot is the commentary from each woman. They really get to the heart of how absurd it is to expect flawlessness. Just be proud of the way you are. You're beautiful, own it. To see more pics and to read what the women had to say, head here. I warn you, you will be glad you did!

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