If You Really Love Someone, You'll Never Stop Fighting To Make It Work

Love is a varied thing and looks different for every individual and in every relationship. When it exists between two people, it is different than any love that came before and any love that will come after. Although it is always different, we know it when we see it. Love, in one sentence, is what we believe is worth fighting for. How much we are willing to fight tells us how true it is. The only love worth having is the love worth fighting for.

If you aren’t willing to fight for it, then you clearly don’t want it enough.

Whether it is love or life goals, if you aren't willing to fight, to get your hands dirty, you don't want it badly enough. We have wants and urges and often want more than is healthy for us. We are social gluttons, we want to be loved, to feel secure, to feel home. Yet our wants do little more than expand our comfort zone. No one can live a happy life without stepping outside of their comfort zone. If you find someone worth fighting for, it will drag out of your comfort and toward a fully eventful life.

If you never feel you need to fight for it, then you’re likely to get bored with it.

if you really love someone A love worth fighting for is likely to be the only type of love that will keep you interested. We can get bored with things that don't require our regular attention. Having said that, too much attention and too much conflict can make us feel like the relationship is too much work. But a relationship that requires no work, is dead in the water. It isn't just about finding a love worth fighting over, it is about finding a love we need to fight for. We may not always realize it but every loving relationship requires a fight. It usually comes in the form of effort. You've heard it before, lasting relationships require effort. It isn't a glorious, epic blow out battle, it is one that is fought delicately over a lifetime.

In life, it’s only the things we believe worth fighting for that are important to us.

If you find yourself struggling to understand yourself and where you want to go in life, you are not alone. Most people, at one time or another, feel lost when it comes to their purpose or direction. Totally natural. This feeling is especially true for people who are not pushing themselves and living solely within their comfort zone. The conveniences of our modern world translates into never having to worry about meeting our most basic needs. Not having to fight for anything in life means we sometimes don't understand what is worth fighting for. This is why losing someone or fighting to prevent that loss is what shows us how important they are to us.

If you aren’t willing to fight for it, then I’m sorry… but that person deserves better.

Every person on this planet deserves someone who will love them enough to fight for it. Having someone to fight with us, for us, along side us is really why we partner up in the first place, isn't it? This fight doesn't mean a fight with fists but a fight that is demonstrated through decisions, the way they plan to be involved in our lives and the way they forgive. Continuing in a relationship if you are not willing to do these things is just not fair. S/he deserves to be loved by someone who will never let them go. Set them free so they can find it. They deserve better. And you do too. Do you have a love you're willing to fight for? How did you know?   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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