The Reason Your Right Side Is Stronger Than Your Left

We all have a dominant side of our body. If you're a righty or lefty, one side is stronger than the other. Here's how to level out both sides:

"It is extremely common for people to have strength differences between their sides," says Chris Powell, personal trainer to the stars. It is highly rare for our bodies to be symmetrical in strength. We unconsciously work our dominant side harder by doing things like simply opening doors. And the more we repeat them, the stronger our side becomes. So it's something you're doing wrong, don't worry!

"Most people go through life with these strength differences without even knowing or feeling a difference," says Powell.

To correct this, try exercises that load each side of your body separately. For example, chest presses, dumbbell squats, lunges and shoulder presses. Hit some unilateral exercises like single-arm chest presses and single-leg lunges. Dumbbells help a lot because they don't allow the strong side to pick up slack for the weaker side.

There's no need to even things out by pushing your weak side harder than the strong side. Don't over exert the weaker side, or you can hurt yourself. Everything will balance out naturally with the above workouts.Soon you'll see more evenly distributed, symmetrical muscle function.

Try these exercises and let us know how they worked at balancing your body's strength! Leave a comment below!

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