Red Carpet Yoga Clothes

Yeah, yeah, we know. You don’t have to have the latest yoga clothes to get a great yoga workout - but MAN, does it ever make you feel good about yourself when you feel great about what you’re wearing. This confidence translates into motivation, and motivation will make you more likely to actually do your workout. Doing your workout will make you healthier and fitter, and being fit and healthy will make you look better. Looking better will make you more confident. Being more confident will increase your motivation. Increasing your motivation will....OK - you get the idea. It’s a big, beautiful cycle. Here are some yoga clothes that’ll have you looking great, flowing strong, and feeling amazing on and off your yoga mat.

Gala Girl

Elegant and flattering, this loose and breathable top skims your body to create an enviable silhouette. A drawcord waist keeps you covered up in inverted poses, and the empire waistline and pleated front and back make it a perfect pick for all body shapes and sizes. ($39.99 -

It’s a Wunder-ful Crop

One crop, two looks. Get your money’s worth with this trendy reversable yoga crop pant. The smooth wide waistband demolishes muffin top and the triangular gusset destroys the dreaded camel toe. There’s also a stash pocket for a key or card hidden in the front waistband. Like all Lululemon gear, the flat, wide seams combat friction. All in all, a great buy. ($82.00 -

That’s a Wrap

Slip into this sexy and soft long-sleeved yoga wrap. Perfect for warm up or Savasana. Best of all, the 4-way stretch of organic cotton, Tencel and elastane make serenity more stylish than ever. ($80.00 -  

OK! Now that you've got your awesome yoga clothes it's now time for you to get into the groove and try TheDailyHiit routines!

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