Relationships: 3 Reasons Why Burned Out Flames Should Never Reignite

It is unhealthy to open doors to the past, especially if those we are attempting to let inside have left our lives in a messy and scarred. It's easy to say that a burned out flame should never reignite, that a love once brutally shattered shouldn't be glued back together. But when that person comes knocking at our door, bringing up old memories, why shouldn't we just let them in? 1 - They Will Continue to Hurt You. Yes, their apology may seem truly from the heart. But eventually you'll see their old traits creep in, and constant apologizing won't repair the damage they are once again doing. 2 - It If Was Meant to Work, It Would Have the First Time. The infamous cliche of "everything happens for a reason" does bare a lot of truth. Breaking things off the first time was not just a random mistake, it was what set you free from the heartache and chaos. Trust your initial instinct and don't start to believe that this love deserves a second, third, fourth or eleventh chance. 3 - There Is The Right Person Out There, And They're Waiting for You. There is that person out there with a kind heart and honest intentions who will turn your life right around. But letting in the toxic past won't propel you towards the brighter future. Seal up those old emotions and start fresh. It's time to find that special person who you deserve. What are some ways you were able to leave your old flame in the past? Share your relationship stories and advice with us!

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