Relationships: 4 Realities of Being The One Who Breaks It Off

You think being broken up with is hard? Having to end it with someone can be equally as nerve-wrecking and gut-wrenching. Being the heartbreaker puts you in an awkward position, even when you're ending it for the right reasons. These are 4 realities of being the one who does the breaking up. 1) You know what you're doing is right, but you still feel awful about it.  Breaking up a relationship that has been long term, or very meaningful and close can be difficult. You've done soul searching and you've concluded it's what's best for your own happiness, but you still feel like you can't bare to see his face when you tell him. 2) You want to move on totally and not care about what he's doing, but you still secretly do.  You learn quickly that it's not a movie and you don't just flip your hair and start a new life once you leave the coffeeshop/park you broke up in. You still are relieved when friends tell you that he's asked about you, and you can't help yourself but creep his social media every now and then. 3) You still get reminded of him.  Often what can lead you to creep his Instagram is when a memory of him pops up. You will be laying in bed and remember a funny conversation you had, or hear a song that leads you back to those old emotions. 4) You'll post things on social media that are purposefully for him.  You can't help it. That status about how happy you are with the way life is going right now? Yeah you hope he sees that. That cute pic of you and that hottie from the gym you Instagrammed with #workoutbuddies, it was secretly for your ex to see. We know, we've done it too! What are some realities of your post-break up life? Share your stories and thoughts with us!

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