Report Reveals 95% Of Female Ashley Madison Profiles Are Fake

When hacking experts Impact Team exposed the users of the website Ashley Madison, it revealed that nearly 95% of the female profiles were total fakes. While the site is used primarily for married men to have affairs, it seems that women they were hoping to cheat with weren't even real. This has made the site look even sadder than it was originally thought to be. It's not a tool to physically cheat with. It's not even a digital wonderland where men can interact with real women and fantasize about one day meeting them. It is a complete joke. ashley madison Only 12,000 of the 5.5. million female profiles created are actually active users who log in regularly, message back and exist in the outside world. The rest are either put together by internet weirdos, the site itself or are profiles that were once active but haven't been responsive in years. A few years back, an employee of Ashley Madison tried to sue the company because of injuries to her hands. These were a result of her employer forcing her to create 1,000 fake female profiles in under 3 months written in all different languages. But the case was settled out of court. The company denied that they ever ordered the woman to do such a task. This new evidence just goes to show the strange nature of 'online dating'. Many men are pleased just looking at endless profiles of seemingly interested women, without acting or even messaging them. Clicking and swiping right have taken over conversation and interaction, to a point of obsession. What is your take on this? Are you fan of online dating? Source: Gizmodo   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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