Research Discovers The Cosmetic Industry Is Guilty Of False Advertising

Well, I would be shocked if this research surprised anyone but here it is all the same. New research published in The Journal Of Global Fashion and Marketing found that only 18 percent of the claims made in commercials for cosmetics are actually accurate. As I've said, no one should be shocked that there is false advertising. But knowing that 82 percent of the claims are false can certainly give you a moment's pause. Researchers conducted a content analysis of advertising claims looking at the following types of claims: superiority, such as "award-winning product;" scientific, like "clinically proven;" stand-alone performance ("your skin feels softer"); endorsement, such as "dermatologists recommend this;" and subjective, like "all you need for a day of confidence." They also classified each ad's claim as being vague/ambiguous ("inspired by science"), an omission, a false/outright lie, or as acceptable. They looked at all types of beauty products including make up, skin care, hair, nail, body and bath, and fragrance. Even though this includes a broad range of products, only 18 percent of the 757 examined claims rang true. Many brands were found to have actually made false scientific claims. The FDA monitors the industry but this research suggest that they can do little more than make sure the products are safe for use. The onus is on you to research the products to find out if they will work for you. Be cautious of anything that claims miracle results or has a random, unaffiliated doctor backing up the claims. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Source: Shape  



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