Resistance Band Workout #4: Abdominal 200 rep challenge

I try to do an ab workout at least three times a week after my weight training sessions.  You can do these all from your home or  if you have an incline bench or a sit-up bench you can make the exercise even harder.  Bands add resistance so you are working even harder to stabilize your core during these exercises.  One of the benefits of resistance band training is that it is quick and portable and can be done almost anywhere.  We keep a set at my office at work so that we can get in a quick lunch workout. Repeat entire Superset 4 times through for a total of 200 reps! Rest 1 minutes between rounds. Ab Superset   Band Assisted Russian Twists 25 vcrunch Band Assisted Leg Raises 25 leg lifts Plank 30 seconds 0906-plank  

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