Resistant Starch: The New Weight Loss Secret You Haven't Heard Of

Resistant starch - wonder carb. This variety of starch is having carb-lovers rejoicing!


So what is it exactly? Well, Sri Lankan researchers have developed a way to reduce the calorie count in rice by 50% without altering taste or texture. They discovered by putting cooking rice in oil and letting it cool overnight, boosted the amount of resistant starch found within it. Scientists speculate that this method could do the same for pasta, potatoes and a plethora of high carb foods.

Decreasing calories without sacrificing taste! The future of carbohydrates is here!

The wonder carb works as a weight loss tool because resistant starch acts as both starch and fibre. It has the chemical structure of starch, but has bipolar tendencies to become fibre and pass through your colon without being digested. Studies have proven that resistant starch fuelled diets helped slash pure visceral body fat in animals by 45%. It can also be effective at curbing hunger and boosting metabolism.

Okay, so there is a catch. The future of carbohydrates is pricey, with resistant starch foods expected to cost 6 times more than regular carb-rich products. It will also be tricky for food makers to replicate the exact formula that is required to make these foods without changing their taste. Furthermore, it will take actual human trials featuring resistant starch to prove it works as well in human diets as in animal diets.

Not to fear! Making resistant starch appear in your food won't require a lab and extensive testing. Slow cooking foods like pasta and rice is proven to boost the RS factor. And letting your rice and potatoe dishes cool for a significant amount of time before eating them can also up your RS.

Tell us what you think of resistant starch? Is it a fad or a great dietary discovery?

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