Respect 101: Stop Wiping Your Boots on Your Man

Some guy did you really wrong a while back. Maybe 2 or 3 guys did you wrong. Maybe you're insecure and you just need to have him doing your bidding every day to make sure he's still on board. Whatever it is that makes you think he needs to prove his devotion constantly by withstanding your tantrums and answering your every whim, STOP IT. Men, if you're that guy, LEAVE NOW. If you're either of these two people, you're in a dysfunctional relationship and you need to be with somebody else. But ladies, first you need to stop and ask why you perennially disrespect a person you care about. When you demand the pedestal treatment from a man, he might tell you to shove it and walk or he might just be smitten enough to start kowtowing right there at the start, when the sex is new and he's still mistaking your demands for you being a fiery woman who knows her own mind. But what is a fiery woman who knows her mind? The truth is that a fiery woman doesn't need you to put her on a pedestal. She is comfortable with her feet on the ground. She is comfortable in public when other women are around. She'll say, "that woman is beautiful" and mean it and leave it, not cast some impossible net for you by luring you into agreeing and then pouting all night. She is relaxed when you aren't around to run errands for her because she can do it herself. But she appreciates when you do. She doesn't need you to constantly tell her she's beautiful, but she says thank you and pulls in a little closer to you when you do. And guess what? She says those things to you too. She remembers your favourite flavour too. She asks if you need anything when she's out. She lets you play Prince Charming, but she knows it's a demonstration of care, not obligation. If she's on a pedestal, it's because she's inviting you up there to share the view. Respect is the glue in relationships, not control. Be the partner you expect. Have you ever been treated like a doormat by a partner? How did you get out? h/t: Elite Daily Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_100603" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat snapcode code @BodyRockTV[/caption]          

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