We Reveal The 3 Sex Habits That Ensure a Healthy, Happy Relationship

Sex is a major pillar in a relationship, and can have an impact in all other areas of you and your partner's bond. Good bedroom habits can help grow and maintain your level of intimacy, relieve stress and tension and bring you closer to your partner. Here are the three habits that strengthen your relationship: #1 Make time for intimacy  Sex sessions can fall onto a to-do list along with laundry and groceries when life gets the better of us. Even if you have to designate time to get it on, always make it a priority. This is will keep you both satisfied, relaxed and will ensure your connection remains strong. #2 Lower your expectations  Yes, this sounds bad. But what is meant by this is not to get caught up in the idea that sex must be this ultra blooding-pumping, passionate, panty-ripping experience every time. Couples who have a healthy sex life except those times when sex is dialled down. You can still see fireworks from a low-key sex sesh. #3 Stay adventurous  Don't get bogged down by routine. Stay open to new positions, role play and fantasies. If you find yourself bored, try mixing it up even slightly. Send him a sexy text while he's at work, take a steamy bubble bath together, light candles or have a fun and open chat about things you've always wanted to try. What are some ways you like to keep your sex life fresh and increase your bond with your partner? Share you tips with us!  

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