Reverse Gymtimidation

A completely different form of gymtimidation, Tiffany Austin was accused of intimidating fellow gym members with her toned body. How dare she look fit in a gym!? What was she thinking? She was approached by two different staffers about the issue of her too-toned bod, made apparent by her choice of clothing: the crop top that strikes fear into the heart of man. [caption id="attachment_44529" align="alignnone" width="572"]croptop-toofit You’re here to work up a sweat. Better put on a parka.[/caption] This enforcement is actually pretty in line with the Planet Fitness dress code and brand, who promote the Average Joe type of gym-goer. In Planet Fitness’s defense it is completely within their right to impose a dress code, and it’s possible this woman’s story was blown out of proportion. If it was a case of politely enforcing the dress code rather than harassing her because of her level of fitness, then there’s no real issue. It’s when intimidation and prejudice due to body type comes into play that this becomes a problem. croptop fit I think the reason that this isn’t being written off as an oversensitive gym-goer, is that this isn’t the first case of Planet Fitness alienating customers. There was a report of a bodybuilder who got kicked out for grunting while lifting weights, and the ads for Planet Fitness themselves are pretty discriminatory. It’s one thing to welcome the inexperienced, the unfit, the Average Joe – but it’s quite another to alienate the fit bits and muscle men who also have just as much right to work out – that’s just reverse discrimination, and it’s just as bad.

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