Reversing The Self-Hate

In a yoga motivated body positivity attempt, I give you my wonderful perfect flaws:
  • I love my abnormally large feet because they help me balance.
  • I love my stomach pooch because it reminds me to eat clean and gives me something to strive for.
  • I love my short stubby eyelashes because they catch my sweat.
  • I love the pocket of fat between my chest and my armpits, it has it has increased the amount of cute sleeved dresses I have in my wardrobe, and makes me get serious about tricep workouts.
  • I love my freakishly long arms, they make a bunch of yoga poses a lot easier.
  • I love my squinty eyes because they make me look like the rest of my family
[caption id="attachment_49593" align="alignnone" width="550"]Me and my fam, geneticly squinty eyed, the lot of us. Me and my fam, geneticly squinty eyed, the lot of us.[/caption]
  • I love my jiggly thighs, they help get me from place to place.
  • I love my red face, it means I wear my emotions on the surface, not to mention I save money on blush.
  • I love my abnormally large teeth because it means they got proper dental attention and are now super nice looking (and I had to get 7 pulled as well as all 4 wisdom teeth taken out, which makes for a good story).
  • I love my dryer than the Sahara skin, it heals my cuts and makes me take extra care of what I put on my body.
  • I love my bingo wings, they fly free when I’m reaching, stretching, waving, and motivate me to continue lifting.
  • I love my chubby face, it often makes me look friendlier than I am, and will probably continue getting me carded well into my late 20s.
  Look at your flaws with love and acceptance - not hate and admonishment. You are not stuck being a person you do not want to be, but you are not forced into hating the person you are. Embrace yourself, embrace your health, and the rest will fall into place.

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