Revolutionary Scientific Study about Obesity....

There was a government survey about weight, diet, and sleep patterns done back in 2006. The data collected was recently used by scientists at the University of Alabama to find a correlation between exercise levels and obesity. fat man holding a measurement tape So, apparently, there’s a relationship between obesity and not exercising. Either fat people are lazy because their fat, or lazy people are fat because they are lazy. Thanks Science. How about not wasting money on pointless studies that draw a correlation between exercise and obesity? Try spending that funding on ANY other societal changes that could actually help the obesity problem. As in: -       better fitness education and facilities in schools -       stricter FDA standards on processed, chemical-ridden foods -       healthier food options in schools and hospitals obesitykids eating healthy -       more affordable after school sports programs -       better biking infrastructure, and more stress on walking or biking as an alternative mode of transportation obesitygermanbikeinfra I’m not saying this is the perfect answer to the problem. I’m not even really saying anything about obese people or their habits. I’m just saying that this is a ridiculously stupid study that ultimately helps no one.

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