Are Rich People More Fit?

Have you ever noticed that when people become rich and famous they become healthier and lose a bunch of weight? Think back to when Carry Underwood first became famous, she wasn’t fat but she was a little chubby on American Idol. As soon as she became popular she started to drop the pounds.

Now looking at her you would never know she didn’t always look like a supermodel. I’ve noticed this trend that stays pretty consistent and it got me thinking, when people make more money are they more fit?

It seems like people with lots of money can afford gym memberships, personal trainers, personal chefs and organic healthy food. While people who don’t have much money can’t afford all those perks and might only be able to afford fast/junk food that is less expensive.

Tom Corley a financial planner and author spent five years researching rich and poor people to write his book “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals.” He defined “rich” people as people who made over $160,000 a year and had assets of at least $3.2 million. “Poor” people were those who made under $30,000 a year and had less than $5,000 in assets.

Corley found that rich people counted calories and limited their alcoholic beverages. He also found that rich people didn’t eat as much junk food snacks they limited those snacks to 300 calories a day.

“Wealthy people are healthy people. To wealthy people being healthy is about making more money. If they’re healthy they have fewer sick days, they’re exercising, they have more energy, they maintain health their entire lives so they can work longer careers,” says Corley.

A Canadian study found that people who made just $5 more a week, exercised more. This was because most exercise classes cost $10-$15 a class and the people felt as though they could afford more classes by making the extra $5.

Other stats show that 60% of people who make $15,000-$75,000 are obese or overweight, but those who make over $75,000 are healthier.

I guess that people who make more money are healthier and more fit. However, what about those rich people that over indulge in food and alcohol? I don’t think you can say every rich person is healthy or more fit than other people who make less money because their will always be exceptions to every rule.

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