The Risk of Saying "You're the One" Before You're Engaged

If you're in a serious relationship, chances are you have thought that your significant other is "the one". The one who will be your forever and always. But jumping the gun on the one can lead you down a dangerous path. Here are the risks of telling him he's the one before you are engaged. couple Setting an Expectation Announcing he's the one to him, as well as friends and family, puts an added stress on you. Your friends are now gushing over your perfect man, and you want to uphold that image. If problems arise in your relationship, you're more inclined to stay and try to make it work because you don't want to fail. But this can be a sacrifice of your happiness if the problems are too hard to fix. Pressure Those two little words can make you feel pressured to get a move on with your future plans. Now that you've decided he's the one, you have to get engaged and married and buy a house and have a baby.... Love doesn't come with certain milestones you have to hit. Be patience and enjoy how happy and wonderful the relationship is. You might be anxious to join your friends in the engagement club, but you shouldn't feel peer pressured into checking that box just yet. Being in love is an exciting time, so just live in that moment. There is plenty of time for getting hitched, but being young doesn't last forever. Share with us your thoughts! How did you know your man was the one?  

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