Robyn Lawley's Bikini Selfies

Entirely un-retouched, entirely gorgeous. Australian model Robyn Lawley has her own line of swimwear, which she promoted posting unretouched photos of herself wearing some of the latest bikinis from the Robin Lawley Swimwear line. The Instagram photos with the hashtag: #retouchandmakeupfree has garnered over 14,000 likes so far, and a lot of positive comments from her 53,000 followers. robinlawleybikini2 I know that “plus-sized” is an industry term that refers to the standardized size of models, but I still can’t stand the terminology. It’s just too bizarre to me to look at Robin Lawley and imagine women the world over thinking that’s the standard for plus-size, that that term denotes that she, and anyone else her size, is anything but gorgeous, or inferior to “regular sized” models. Also, from an advertising perspective it’s incredibly refreshing, and an excellent use of social media. The masses are demanding less dependence on photoshop from the media, so thank you Robyn Lawley for giving us what we want.

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