Robyn Lawley, Sports Illustrated's First "Plus-Size" Model

On Thursday, Sports Illustrated  announced their SI Swimsuit 2015  Rookie No. 6, the gorgeous Robyn Lawley. What makes Ms. Lawley so special? Well, at a whopping size 12, she is being touted by the media as the first-ever "Plus-Sized" Sports Illustrated model. Note that I said "by the media". sports illustrated According to Lawley's most recent Facebook status, she states that, "I'm with everyone there that's[sic] it's ludicrous to call me plus size and I've stated that publicly pretty much every step of the way, of my career, si_swimsuit are at the forefront of embracing women of a variety of sizes! They've been doing that from the beginning and they have not once called me plus size, it's about time we forgo labels and embraced size diversity in the fashion world and mainstream media!!!" Reactions from social media have been a mix of praise, and as usual, complaint. By many who look at her pictures and are asking where is the "plus" in her size? The ironic part is that Lawley, who is now nine months pregnant, was in her first trimester during the time the SI photos were taken. There is no mistaking that Lawley, plus-size or not; is a beautiful and clearly healthy woman--but in America, where the average size of a woman is size 14, should the media really be putting her on a pedestal for something she doesn't even claim to be a part of? What say you BodyRocker's? Comment below, we would love to hear your thoughts!   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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