Roc It Out Rep Challenge Workout - Day 2 Week Four of The February 30 Day Challenge

Hi Bodyrockers, As we work towards the end of this February challenge we have already started making plans for what is coming up next. Starting next week we are going to launch a series of mini 1 week challenges where we will be BodyRocking for maximum fat burn while sculpting different areas of the body. We wanted to throw it out there to you guys and see what areas you would like us to focus on. We are also going to challenge you guys to make 1 clean eating shift per week and focus down a weeks worth of posts on supporting this diet challenge with tips and suggestions. Breaking it down into these mini-programs and themed weeks will help keep all of us focused on making positive and healthy changes in small steps a week at a time while we push our training to the next level. Also look for the workouts to get back to the basics - more of a focus on Bodyweight only exercises - while using the equipment to intensify the burn. For all of you new BodyRockers who have enjoyed the beginner workout options we will be continuing to provide beginner modifications :) Please provide your thoughts / ideas and constructive suggestions on how we can continue to improve BodyRock. We want to make this the very best free workout online :) To make sure you don't miss any of your workouts and diet challenges please subscribe to BodyRock.Tv by "liking" our Facebook page here. Best, Freddy, Sean and Lisa. "If You Do What You Have Always Done You'll Always Get What You Always Got" [wobreakdown] There are 3 parts to this workout and it is 12 minutes long. Set your interval timer for 3 rounds - 40 seconds will be the rest interval and 4 minutes the work interval. The 40 second rest interval should be enough time for you to get into position for each part and also grab a quick mouthful of water. In each part you will be moving back and forth between 2 different exercises - push at your max effort and don't forget to record your scores in your exercise journals and post your scores in the comments below :) Part 1: Wait for the first 40 seconds to count down and then when you hear the beep get cracking! 20 Split Jumps with the Sandbag 10 Staggered Push Ups Sean managed a total of 103 Split Jumps and 50 Staggered Push Ups Part 2: Get into position during the 40 seconds rest interval. 20 Reverse Pull Ups with the Dip Station 10 Plank Side Hops Sean did 62 total Reverse Pull Ups and 30 Side Hops Part 3: Enjoy the 40 seconds rest :) then grab your Sandbag! 20 Sandbag Squat Jumps 10 Dive Bombers Sean scored 58 total Squats and 20 Divebombers!

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