Rock the Reps Circuit #2

Ready for DAY 2? Did you complete Day 1? Click here to smash that workout! Complete the number of reps for all exercises listed. As with the previous day, you can go through this once and use this as your workout for the day, repeat 2 or more times, or even use this as a burnout at the end of your current workout session if you want the added challenge! You have a few options in terms of how you can do this challenge. 1) You can either set your stopwatch to see how long it takes you to finish one round or more, OR 2) You can set your timers for 30 minutes and complete an AMRAP workout (as many reps as possible). I personally do the AMRAP more frequently. You will go through all the reps of all the exercises with great form, and then the next time you complete the workout, you can use that first time as a benchmark of your progress. In terms of reference, this workout took me about 16 minutes to go through one time through. Do NOT rush through the moves quicker than you are capable of. You will be cheating yourself most of all. These are all bodyweight moves. If you want to challenge yourself even more, add weight were applicable, or even wear your weighted vest if you have one! I own a 12 lb weighted vest and will wear it for these types of workouts. I give you a demo of each of the moves below in the video!


200 Skip Rope or High Knees (both knees up = 1 rep) 100 Power Jump Squats 90 Plank Hold with Alternate Leg Raises 80 Jumping Jacks 70 High Knee Sprint (70 for EACH leg) 60 Second Low Plank Hold 50 Star Jumps 40 Bicycle Crunches (each leg or 80 together) 30 Jump Lunges (total) 20 Plie Jump Squats 10 Push Up to Pike Push Up (10 for each or 20 total)

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